Sunday, December 18, 2005

Gemma Ward

今日、ソーホーでGemmaに会った。撮影専用のTruckから降りて来るのを見て、すぐに話をかけた。濃いお化粧をしてて、長いMarc Jacobsの黒コートを着てた。とても可愛くて、とても背が高かった。写真を取らしてくれた。Donuts-NYのGemmaの特集を見せて、そこにサインを貰った。 最近辛いことばかりで、Gemmaに会えるのが一番うれしかった。

I met Gemma Ward in Soho today. She is one of the top models in the world now. Actually, she is probably the top now. I had seen her few times in fashion show but I couldn't believe my eyes. I saw her got out from the big truck (usually for photoshoot or movie). She was wearing a Marc Jacobs black long coat. She got her make-up & hair ready for a photo-shoot. She was so tall. I spoke to her and she was about to do a photoshoot. I showed her our Donuts-NY section about her and asked her for her sign. I was soooooooo happy. I hope I can see her again and talk to her more. She was REALLY REALLY cute & pretty.

Monday, November 14, 2005


先週、New York のUpper West Sideのお店で松井選手に会った。緊張しながら声をかけて、「大ファンです。お会いすることができて光栄です。」と言えました。うちのチビのことをカワイイと褒めてくれた。写真も撮らせてくれて、とてもNice Guyでした。

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