Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Breakfast in Paris


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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Arrived Sabon Paris

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

I made soap on the rope

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Machneyuda in Jerusalem

The hottest restaurant in Israel is in Jerusalem. It usually needs a 3 months reservation ahead but my friend took me there since he knows everyone there. We sat right in front of the kitchen and enjoyed the super creative dishes made from the chef (not from the menu). The best thing about this restaurant is the atmosphere and energy, everyone is happy, dancing including the chefs in the kitchen, the waiters and even the customer. The food was awesome. Madonna was also in this restaurant and enjoyed very much.

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Making Soap with Yael

Making soap with lavender
Today, I went to the new concept store and made soap with Yael. We made new smell and I also made a soap on the rope. How fun ~
Soap Yael made for me

Making small roses


Me and Yael

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Umbrella Window

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Shabat on Shenkin

Friday evening til Saturday is called "Shabat" in Israel. It's a day that everyone should not work so all stores are all closed including Sabon and only some restaurant are running. In the beginning I was shocked about this culture, now I found it kind of relaxing and everyone should spend some time to enjoy life.

I walked down Shenkin Street (street that Sabon first opened store) and went to a cafe to get some work done....

Shabat Lunch

Guy invited to his parents' place for Shabat lunch. Shabat is a day that family gets together in Israel. I think the culture is really nice.

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Israel Breakfast

Last day in Israel before going to Paris. I love the breakfast here :)
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Yafo Shuk on Friday

Went to the shuk (flea market) at Yafo. Friday is said to be a lot of people there.
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