Monday, August 31, 2009

Dinner after opening

Everyone was soooo tired after the opening but also super hungry.  
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Sabon Umeda Hanshin opening

Sabon Umeda Hanshin has opened. The 1st store in Kansai area of Japan !! People from the dept store are all watching how busy the store was.


Omelet Rice Lunch

 Shoko-chan & Emiko came for the opening. We went to eat omelet rice for lunch. あまりも選択が多くて、選ぶのが大変だった。最後に、森のキノコのチーズインデミグラソースに決定!おいしかったです〜
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Osaka Umeda Hanshin Store - completed


Final setup for Hanshin store


Setting up the window with Aiko. Everyone was working hard because tomorrow will be the opening.

南や 炉端料理

 Went to this Robata-yaki place in Umeda called 南や with Shoko-chan. The さんま was really really good and so did other food. 
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My Kansai Friends

 My long time Kansai friends Shoko, Kaori and Emiko came to see me at the store.   It's Kaori's first time to the Sabon store. Shoko came to the Roppongi opening and Emiko had been to two of New York stores.  They also helped me look for a coin tray for the store. 
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Message for opening

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