Tuesday, October 30, 2007


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Sunday, October 28, 2007

1st night dinner in Israel

We had dinner at M&R Brasserie. The food was so good and so as the atmosphere. People here when they go out to smoke, they like to bring their glass of wine with them.

Alon, Vered, and Avi

At the bar, Vered and her friend Ron

Aiko, Tasaki and Me

Ron has a motorcycle and gave me a quick tour with it. It was so fast, little scary but it was fun!

1st Sabon Store - Shenkin Street

After checking in the hotel, the first thing I wanted to see is the Sabon store!! This is the location of the first Sabon store. It's located on Shenkin Street of Tel Aviv. When it first started, it was only about 200 sq feet. I was just so excited to be there.

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Arrived Israel!

Arrived Israel !!! Vered came picked me up with her car with the Sabon sign.  Everything is feeling so real and so close to Sabon now!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

On my way to Israel

When I got to the airport, the security was more strict than expected. They wanted me to leave my luggage to check and come back in 1 hour. Well, so I spent some time checking out some sunglasses at the store. After I went back, there were 3 security people walked me and some other non-Israeli all the way to the plane so we skip the line for all security points.

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