Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jiyugaoka -- almost ready...

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New Shower Oil Top

 New top for Sabon shower oil has Sabon logo on it.  Cute~ 
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Antique Shopping



Today, I went to antique flea market shopping with Liat.  Both of us found so many nice things and good deals today.  

We walked alot, talked alot, passed by the Gay Parade, had a good lunch at Souen Garden, then we went to Washington Square Park, lying under the sun to relax and ended our day with a nice drink from Aroma Cafe.  
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Sabon Folder

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sabon NYC Secret Garden Event

Sabon NYC has launched the new organic line!! I went to attend the launching party called "The Secret Organic Garden Event". Many press has come and so many other friends, family, staff and customers had come.

Liat made the store so beautiful, decorated all around with beautiful green & flowers, they were serving organic wine, organic cocktail, organic food, and organic fruit. Everyone gets a key at the door to try the lock in the back of the store. Whoever can open the lock gets the US$250 worth of organic line products.

The organic line including face serum, eye lifting serum, body scrub, butter cream, hand cream, foot cream and organic soap were all amazing, beautifully packaged, all certified by the EcoCert and contains up to 90% organic ingredients, which is dramatically over the 10% minimum requirement. I believe Sabon is the only brand in the world is doing this. The is definitely the ultimate organic line in the world. Good for skin, good for the planet.


The event was a big success, I almost couldn't get inside the store when I got there. It was so nice to all friends and staffs that I know from Sabon. My friend Sumie also came for the event. She is also a big Sabon fan!

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