Saturday, January 07, 2006

My Birthday 2006

Tonight I went out with friends to Meat Packing District for dinner. Edna, Miyu, Kuri, Cyrus and Satoru, we went to a Thai place called "highline" that Cyrus took us there. The food was all good. Miyu left early because her back doesn't feel well. We then we up to Hotel Gansevoort penthouse to take a look at the bar view. Cyrus said summer time is nicer so we decided to come back other time so we went to his place to continue to drink. We had a great night. Except it was a painful trip back to Brooklyn at around 1am. I slept around 3am but Kuri still had a lot of homework to do. Satoru got me flowers and plant and Miyu got me a cute top :)

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