Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mary's Fish Camp

I finally get to go to Mary's Fish Camp. It's opened by Mary (I think) who used to be the co-owner of Pearl Oyster Bar. They don't take reservation but they will call you when the table is ready so we (Satoru & Anthony-san & me) when to nearby bar to drink.

We ordered the famous lobster roll, oysters, clams, octopus appetizers, and a whole fish. The lobster roll with a price of $30, which is quite expensive to me but it was really good. The bottle of white wine was good as well. We sat at the counter facing the kitchen which I enjoyed very much.

Actually this night, we wanted to go to The Spotted Pig which recently won the best chef award from Food & Wine but it was way too packed and way too long wait. Maybe next time.
After dinner, we tried to find a hot bar at the Meat Packing but the first one went in was a hugh mistake. It's a huge place with almost no one in there. So we headed to my recent favorite Buddakan. It's always nice and relax there.
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