Friday, June 04, 2010


Went to see Sabra which is a play wrote by Julia Rosenfeld and produced by my friend Sivan Hadari. Sabra means a jewish person born in Israel. The name came from a dessert plant which suggesting the Israeli Sabra is rough and masculine outside but delicate and sensitive in inside.

It was a story about Gilah, a jewish American girl who doesn't speak Hebrew and went to Israel to teach English and rented a place from Sharchar from her old friends Adi who she met two years ago. Gilah is dating Guy (a guy) but actually also loves Gilah and Gilah likes her. While Guy is away to serve the country in the army, Gilah & Adi was having a good time together again. In the meantime Sharchar also likes Gilah that Gilah was confused what she should do in this foreign country.


After the show, we went to celebrate Sivan's birthday at the Inguana Bar

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