Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New! Aroma Gift Set

The new aroma gift set is in store now in Sabon NYC.

Total 4 Types:

    In Glass Bottle
Round glass White Rose with Champagne Aroma 200ml
Square glass Pink Rose with Provence Aroma 200ml

    In Ceramic Bottle
Round ceramic White Marigold with Champagne Aroma 100ml
Square ceramic White Liliume with Provence Aroma 100ml

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Nozomi said...

Erm... this is the first time for me to leave a comment here. Have been watching your blog for a bit :).

I have a favor to ask you if that is possible....
I am a woman in Japan. I have a friend in Israel. I and she has a store on Yahoo. We are now trying to sell the new aroma that you have on this blog (the ones in glass and china container).

Is that possible for me to use the pictures that you have uploaded here for our yahoo store until my partner manage to get the photos by herself?

It will be really appreciated if you let us. Thanks for reading!!
Hope to hear from you m(. .)m.

I will watching your blog comment but if you are not comfortable writing comment here, get back to me at

(I have changed "@" to "*" on my email address just in case.)

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