Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yak Son House (薬手名家)

I went to try the face reduction program at "Yak Son House" (薬手名家)in New York for a few sessions. It's a Korean bone-therepy technique that push your bone back to its original position and it will create lifting and anti-aging effect. I read so much about it and I was really interested. The first lesson I was so much in pain. My tears came out.. But after 3 sessions, it was getter better and by the 4th sessions, I was already seeing some result. The good was also, it includes body massage. I heard in Japan the booking is already very full and lucily it's still easy to get appointment in New York. I just left in love with this program and everyone working there. I also tried the body treatment which was also very good.  I highly recommend this place if you are willing to suffer a little to gain more beauty.

Yak Son House
38 W. 32nd St. 601 (Broadway & 5th Ave.)

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