Sunday, April 01, 2012

Weekend in Tel Aviv

Weekend at Tel Aviv starts with a good brunch cafe. One of the most popular places are the cafes in the corner of Dizengoff & Yirmiyahu.

After a good lunch, then it's time to go to the beach with friends.. just to chat about life and happenings.. 

Then, after a few hours in the beach, then it's time to move to a cafe to have a drink. This is a cafe in Hatachana area. Tel Aviv is small but yet has a lot of good places to go to..

After a long day outside, then everyone will go home to rest a few hours, then meet again around 10 or 11.   Tonight we went to the hottest bar in Tel Aviv called "Jimmy Who"
In Jewish culture, it's not supposed to work on Shabat (Fri & Sat). I guess everyone is taking advantage of it to enjoy going out :)

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