Tuesday, August 21, 2012


15 years ago Avi Piatok & Sigal Levi-Kotler opened a 30sqm store "Sabon" on the small Shenkin Street in Israel on August 19, 1997 (the day after Avi's birthday). No no ever sold soap by the pound at that time in Israel.  All the furniture was hand-made. the graphic was hand-drawn one by one...

Today, Sabon has opened over 130+ stores in 9 countries with best locations. Now, Sabon is known and loved by lots & lots of Sabon fans all over the world. Customers will line-up and wait for more than hour to get into a Sabon store during openings, limited edition products will sold out in a few days, sold million of products and so many are waiting for Sabon to open in their local countries. 

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